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‘The Gowtham Model Schools’ is a well-established and recognized institution. It follows a well-designed academic curriculum which ensures the students' learning is linked to the relevant set academic standards. It follows the Telangana State Board of Secondary Education (SSC) syllabus. It ensures to develop and impart various skills to students which aim to excel in not only the academics but also makes the non-academics purposeful.

‘The Gowtham Model Schools’, with each progressive year, strive to maintain well-established academic standards with no compromise on maintaining the quality of the teaching-learning process. The skills imparted, through the various teaching methods, in both curricular and non-curricular areas help the students build self-confidence to face the various challenges. It also aids the students aim to face a range of competitive exams at State, National and International level, thereby, catering to the needs of each child. This provides an opportunity for the child to be on a global platform and is dedicated to produce the ‘Leaders for the Future’.

It is renowned for using a combination of excellent teaching strategies with the latest Audio-Visual Teaching Aids to facilitate the teaching-learning process, thereby providing an enriching learning experience. The programme is designed to equip students with the appropriate skills, so that they have the opportunity to explore. It facilitates students to develop their understanding with an ability to learn independently. It lays a firm foundation in teaching and imparting moral and ethical values with a desire to make a difference in the community, and in course of time, are prepared to take on the challenges of world.

It also provides opportunities and encourages students to actively participate in both academic and non-academic activities/competitions, such as Quiz, Literary Activities, Cultural and Sports fests. Each opportunity is intended at providing an environment to explore and enhance skills such as cooperation and problem solving, enhance logical reasoning and creative thinking with an aim to enable students to set personal goals and face challenges.