The Gowtham Model Schools’ provides a safe, caring environment. The dedicated staff, both teaching and non-teaching, take adequate care to make each child feel at home. It provides a suitable and conducive atmosphere to one and all. Its ambience helps the students unwind from the day to day routine and stress. It firmly believes in promoting moral and ethical values and teaches the students to respect the cultural diversity. This facilitates in creating a positive environment. Some of the initiatives taken for favorable teaching-learning are Individualised Instruction and personal attention. Students with learning difficulties are also well supported. It’s conducive environment aids students to grow stronger mentally as well as emotionally. It caters to the demands of the challenged students (physically or emotionally or with learning difficulties). These initiatives help tap their potential and contribute in developing an all round personality.

Use of positive and inspiring quotes on the display boards or within/outside the classrooms support the pleasant ambience contributing to rich learning experiences.