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Keeping the most competitive scenario in mind, we are focusing on Intensive approach with specially designed modules to get an entry into various competitive exams like EAMCET, IIT and many more with constant testing, teaching and counselling. We prepare the students to compete in state, national and international levels.


With an extensive effort and intensive planning, Gowtham Model School has been a pioneer in implementing various educational programmes for the betterment in learning procedure for students.

This programme includes Intensive Coaching (IC) Programmeme for SSC students. This Programme has been into practice since 2003 which starts from December 1st and ends on March 15th every year after completion of the syllabus. The Programme has been designed to cater the needs of the average and slow learners where every day is assigned to one subject for the revision and assessment which covers the entire syllabus.

The Programme is continuously monitored and followed up by the specific staff members, where every teacher is allotted 5 to 8 students based on the strength of the class for the follow up of home study hour, wake up calls and counselling. There is a different approach for every subject to make the students perform better by taking the given challenges. In the IC Programme we first identify the difficult area and re-teach the topic as per the student’s choice. Other procedures involve paper discussion, planning the day schedule, error rectification and regular follow up for absentees. Meticulously planned worksheets are designed for gifted students in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and English to enhance their performance.